Sunday, January 15, 2012

Nursery Progress

This weekend my parents were kind enough to come to Austin and donate their entire weekend to slaving away in the nursery while I sat with my feet up. Okay, that's only partly true. My feet were up, but I have not been feeling stellar. I was diagnosed with a borderline case of gestational diabetes after failing both my 1 hour and 3 hour glucose tests and started on a diabetic diet and prescribed Metformin. One of the lovely side effects? Stabbing horrible gas pains in the abdomen despite consuming the maximum recommended dosage of Gas-X. Like grab a throw pillow and wince in pain gas. I'm thinking it makes the average person majorly farty, however with the restricted real estate around my intestines lately, I think it's just getting all stopped up in there. I would kill to be farty right now. I never thought I'd type that. 

Anyways, I did manage to go through a lot of the hand-me-downs from friends and family, wash them, and put them away.  The color I picked out for the nursery is very.....yellow.  I chose Olympic Paint in Butter.  The folks at Lowe's said it was VOC free and I think they were correct, the room has very little odor to it, perfect for a nursery.  I've always wanted a room that's a beautiful buttery collor.  However, it is a bit more yellow than I was expecting, so we're not completely sure about it.  It's also a huge change from the previous walls which were dark blue, but I think we were expecting something more muted.  We have no intentions of changing it, one weekend spent painting was enough thank you very much, so I'm hoping once we finish decorating the nursery it'll grow on us? 

Inside the crib with my childhood doll Lolly (in pink) and my other childhood baby doll Alberta, serving as the Baby Daniel stunt double for things where we can't wrangle a terrier into position.

Here's the inside of the closet.  It's a bit of a jumbly mess right now because the car seat is in there, once we pull it out and put it in my car it'll be less chaotic at the bottom of the closet.  But for now I have all our little dresses hung up with age specific closet dividers.

Above, a wide shot of the crib against the yellow walls.  The bassinet to the right is a vintage bassinet that will ultimately live in our bedroom for the baby's first three months.  This piece has been in my family for generations.  My parents were kind enough to test it for lead paint (it passed) and spruce it up for us.  It's been impossible to find a skirt to go on it, modern bassinets break apart where the tops come off.  Short of having a skirt custom made, I don't have a solution, but I figure Ginger will probably just hide out under the skirt so it might be for the best that we don't have one.  The blankets on the crib are ones that I had as a baby. 

The lower shot is of our changing table and dresser.  What do I put in the bins under the changing table?  I bought a pack of wipes and newborn diapers, but I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to put in the other bins.  More diapers I assume?  Lotions?  I'm sure I'll figure it out.  The changing table and dresser are covered in toys that were handed down to us.  I put them all through either the dish washer or the washing machine in a lingerie bag.  Some of them made noises and seemed like they may not survive the cleaning.  So far we look like we'll have a 75% survival rate of my cleaning shenanigans.  They were free and I'm sure they were all over the floor and in some other kids mouth and while I GREATLY appreciate the freebies, I wanted to make darn sure they were clean before I gave them to our daughter.  I'm going to let them sit out for a week, then turn them all over and let them sit for another week to make super sure they are dry and don't mildew. 

My mom and I also started to navigate the GIANT stash of bottles that were handed down to us.  We started with cleaning and sterilizing the Platex Ventaires and Dr. Browns as I plan on starting with those.  Our minds were a bit blown with all the parts and accessories, but also, someone was kind enough to give us the little baskets to wash all the pieces in the dish washer, so that was a huge help.  I'm being really careful to only keep one bottle type in play at a time, because I think my brain might explode if I tried to have too many rolling around, trying to figure out what piece goes to what brand bottle.  Plus, I guess normal people only try one brand at a time, then go out and buy a different kind if the first kind don't work to help eliminate any problems?  We are not normal people.  We have been greatly blessed in the bottle department. 

So the room has a LONG way to go, there are a lot of decorative elements that we will register for and continue to hunt for, plus a few more weekends ahead of me where I still have to sort through and wash the hand me downs.  But for now, I'm very relieved, especially because sometimes women with GD have complications that require them to deliver early, that we have a lovely start under our belts!


Olympic Paint and Stain said...

We love the room! It's bright and sunny and perfect for a nursery. Did you know it takes 7 days for the eyes to adjust to a new color?

Marsha said...

It is ok to have more then one type of bottle to try. The ones my daughter loved were Nuk, but my son can't suck on them so we are using the playtex with him. The nursery looks so nice. I also had GD but was able to maintain it with diet alone, but it was hard to adjust to eating what I could from what I wanted.

Jess said...

I am sure once you are finished decorating, the paint will not seem as bright. That happens to me all the time. I freak out about a paint color when the room is practically empty.

Christine said...

I love the color. Seriously, I think it is really happy and sweet! Its going to be great.