Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend in the Hill Country

This weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday, D was kind enough to reserve a cottage in the Texas Hill Country with our friends the Andersons and the Mizes.  This is probably our last weekend to get away and it was absolutely perfect.

Our Bedroom

The grill and firepit, where we cooked s'mores under the Texas stars.
 D was sweet enough to roast me a marshmallow and I made myself a PERFECT s'more with a Ghirardelli mint chocolate square.  Not diabetes approved, but it was my birthday weekend and I only had one.
Front porch for relaxing

Gourmet kitchen where we all cooked dinner together Friday night.
The cottage was set on 34 acres and had two horses, one was a mini-horse.

Janet and the mini-horse
Christine and Janet with the not-so-mini-horse

Interesting story about the horses.  We got there super late after dark and wanted to build a fire in the outdoor fireplace after dinner.  After a lovely night, we finally turned in.  Around 7 AM I woke up with a leg cramp (yay pregnancy ailments) and walked into the kitchen to walk it off a bit and get a look at our surroundings once the sun came up.  Much to my surprise, staring in the living room window at me were the horses.  I got D out of bed and asked if the horses should be this close to the house and he said that the corral was probably close to the house, to which I replied, "No, they're standing next to the hammock, THAT close?" 

He jumped out of bed and we realized that the gate we had gone through the night before to get the firewood (and had left open) was the gate to the horse corral.  Thankfully, we had secured all the other gates on the property, so they couldn't escape, but D still had to herd them back into their corral.  The mini-horse wasn't having it and freaked out and started running around the house, which in turn got the bigger horse all riled up.  So there we are, in the middle of no where, with 2 horses in our front yard and no idea what to do.  Thankfully they decided to return to their corral on their own, after which we secured the gate (um, hello, if you're going to rent out your cottage maybe LOCK THE HORSE CORRAL GATE or perhaps LABEL THE GATE or better yet DON'T STORE THE FIREWOOD IN THERE???)

After D was done playing horse whisperer, we collapsed back into bed for a couple more hours.  The horses were super friendly to everyone else later that day, coming over and letting everyone pet them.  Everyone but D.  The horses had already decided that he was not cool.

Later that morning, Christine prepared a delicious diabetes friendly breakfast for us and we headed into Fredericksburg for some shopping while the boys went to the Admiral Nimitz museum.  I found some yummy smokey salsa and white truffle oil for D and I to enjoy at home and found some dog treats that looked like s'mores for the pups who were spending their weekend at the kennel.  That night we headed to dinner at the Cabernet Grill.

D and I before dinner
The girls before dinner
After an amazing dinner I got my long awaited slice of chicken fried pecan pie with a scoop of Jack Daniels ice cream.  While I wanted to wolf the whole thing down, I shared it with D since I wasn't really supposed to be eating it at all.  He was happy to oblige, for the good of the baby of course. 

We spent that night playing games and laughing so hard I was sure I'd pee my pants (thankfully I did not).  The next morning we packed up and stopped at the Herb Farm in Fredericksburg on our way out of town for a delightful brunch and then headed back to Austin. 


Anna said...

Sounds like you had a great time, its nice to get away now and then.

Christine said...

It was really nice! Thanks again for so much fun!

Janet said...

Such a cute cabin! It was great to use the outdoor fireplace, I haven't had smores in years! Happy 30th!